There are few greater thrills than finding hidden treasure, or something that hasn't been seen for many years. With the rising prices of gold and silver, it can be profitable also. Can you still find treasure today ? Of course, like anything else, it takes practice. An active coin hunter can find about 5,000 coins a year. Think of all the change that ends up under your couch seat .


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Always be sure to get permission for metal detecting on private land , fill in you holes and gather and throw away your trash. Most National parks are off limits in the U.S. Some unusually places to try your metal detector are the backbones of old books. There are two types of metal detectors, the Beat Frequency Oscillator and transmitter receiver detector. A Beat Frequency Oscillator is a more general purpose metal detector for coins and placer and nugget detecting. The smaller the search coil diameter, the greater response, but the search area grows shallower. Most coils are 5 to 6 inches in diameter .The longer an object has been buried, the deeper it can be detected .The best technique for using a detector depends on the minerialization of the soil, how much metal is in the area and dampness of the soil. If an area is mostly  free of minerals, the detector is usually held an inch or two off the ground. Some employ a scrubbing technique, where the coil touches the ground in more mineralized ground .You will get much more penetration, but the coil will wear out faster .Smaller coils are used for pinpointing .When detecting, it is best to let your coil overlap about 25 % with each sweep, at about one foot per second .


Top Ten Undiscovered  Treasures in the U.S.




1. The Lost Confederate Gold


An estimated $100,00~$600,000 (1865 value) in gold and bullion disappeared  in the Washington, Georgia area in the last days of the Confederacy




2. The Lost Dutchaman Mine

A lost mine, the real Cibola in the Superstition Mountain in Arizona ?  Probably legendary,but thousands try their luck to find it.


3, The loot hidden by Texas bandit Sam Bass in the Texas Hill Country around Round Rock.





4. The loot of Prohibition and Depression Era Gangsters. Dutch Schultz is said to have buried 7 million in an air tight safe in upstate New York.





5. Only $32,000 of the estimated  $1,000,000 of the Ashley Gang  (1920s bootleggers,pirates and bank robbers ) in southern Florida has ever been recovered. Rumoured to be stashed in the Everglades.



6. The Shiprock Peak treasure . Tons of gold supposedly hidden by Leon Trubuco and three other Mexican businessmen in the 1930s between Shiprock Peak and a nearby mesa in New Mexico. The businessmen were hoping to take advantage of  the 1931 Gold Reserve Act .



7.  Did Emperor Maximilian of the French intervention and the Second Mexican Empire 1864 - 1867 send his treasure north to Texas to sail from Galveston as his regime was crumbling ?  According to legend, ex Confederate guards stole the treasure and buried it near Castle Gap, Texas . The guards were killed before they could reclaim the loot . 15 wagonloads of gold and silver coins and other treasure were reportedly disguised as barrels of flour, were sent north clandestinely, where they successfully crossed into West Texas near Presidio.

Coins of the Second Empire of Mexico




8. The Victorio Peak Treasure . Gold prospector Milton "Doc" Noss claimed to have found hidden treasure inside the Mountains in the late 1930s.



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Treasure Leads in Louisiana





Treasure worth millions of dollars is said to have been buried by the Murrell gang during the Civil War.


Lake Salvadore


 A dregging crew in 1962 dug up gold coins at the mouth of the bayou leading into Lake Salvadore .


Honey Island


Favorite hideout for outlaws such as Pierre Rameau.


Calcasieu River

 In 1929 $75,000 in gold coins were found near the mouth of the Calcasieu River




Gold coins were found in the old bed of the Red river


Breaux Bridge


Gold coins have been found, believed to have been part of many caches buried by slaves who stole it in the .




Town was a base for the wess gang.


Jefferson Isle


Many caches of Mexican coins found here .


Shell Beach


Gold coins foun washed ashore in the 1930s


Calcasieu and Mermenteau Rivers. Lafitte was known to use these rivers and a number of caches were made


Calillau Island


Reportable the location of a cache hidden by the pirate Gambi.




Cubans for the Bay of Pigs invasion trained here at an abandoned, some of whom hid money for the invasion here that has not be recovered .










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